Building Management Systems

Building management systems (the control systems for measurement and regulation) significantely influence the energy efficiency of every building. If you want your building to become an intelligent entity and at the same time to save energy please pay attention to this area of expertise. More... »


The energy efficiency is the key to an enhancement of your competitiveness. The price of energy and its consumption will only increase. About the issues on energy savings in buildings and about what we can offer, here you will find more information.

Green Buildings

For building owners and their users are the "green buildings" trends the most important areas of interest and at the same time a long-term challenge. An increasing pressure on an environmentaly friendly approach helps each one of us so why not to practise the environmentaly friendly methods even on your building?
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Energy Management Program

For the variety of different reasons everyone wants to save and conserve energy. If you are interested in our experience and the area of expertise in the field of buildings' energy efficiency, here you can find more information.


You are welcomed to visit our reference page with the latest projects. Here you will find references for both building management systems and energy saving solutions.
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