Building management systems

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Building management systems

BUILDSYS, Inc. activities mainly focus on the larger type of office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, etc. A very significant portion of our customers form clients who also build production halls and logistics centers.


Subject of our deliveries are:
  • control and measurement systems, including a graphic system upgrade and communication platform (the remote dispatching control centers of BMS)
  • control management of lights, blinds and shutters (often as an integrated system of BMS)
  • high-voltage and low-voltage systems
  • energy efficiency technologies and equipment
  • optimization of energy-efficient building operations
  • cooperation and assistance with the "Green Buildings" certifications
  • energy assessments and audits, monitoring of energy consumption etc.


Most of the buildings that we have implemented are equipped with the remote communication standards and are able to have all the data "remotedly managed or monitored" via the internet.


Examples of control screens for remote monitoring

Most of our projects have been implemented directly for our cooporating partners such as construction companies, developers or building owners and/or other technological or engineering companies.



The Orchard, Ostrava, Czech Republic
Kaufland Logistic Center, Olomouc, Czech Republic
Office Building Trnitá, Brno, Czech Republic
Industrial Complex AU Optronics, Trenčín, Slovakia
Hyundai Motors Europe, Offenbach am Main, Germany
BEA Campus, Olomouc, Czech Republic
Office Center Jindřišská 16, Prague, Czech Republic
Palmovka - Park I & II, Prague, Czech Republic
Hotel International Brno, Czech Republic
Corso Court Office Center Prague, Czech Republic
Foxconn Slovakia, Nitra, Slovakia
Olympia Brno, Czech Republic
Opavia Mondeléz International, Opava, Czech Republic
Office Center DORN, Brno, Czech Republic
WMU Bavaria GmBH, Niederaichbach, Germany
VTP UNIS Brno, Czech Republic
Punkva Caves Visitor Center, Blansko, Czech Republic
Emblem Hotel Prague, Czech Republic
KYB Manufacturing Czech, Pardubice, Czech Republic
ŠKODA Plzeň Service and Repair Plant, Czech Republic

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