Building management systems

About the project:

    Place: Brno, Czech Republic
    Year: 2009
    Investor: Dominikánská, Ltd.
    Total cost: less than CZK 15 million

    Project delivery: Integrated project solution of building management system
    Control system: Saia
    System size: 7 600 data points
    Total area: 34 000 square meters
    System installements: HVAC, access control system, cooling technology for server rooms, EZS (intrusion detection), CCTV, UPS (back-up power supply), power supply and energy monitoring, data center and air conditioning, management of the back-up power supply subsource, etc.


The complex of administration buildings

The administrative complex of buildings in the Modernist architectural style is located in the heart of the city of Brno near Galerie Vaňkovka. The entire facility consists of three functionally separate administrative units / buildings. Individual buildings are functionally linked together and using the same character of the facades they are perceived as one city block.

The building consists of two underground and six (in some places office block up to ten) aboveground floors. Pleasant working environment is highlighted by the green interior atrium, terraces and communal gardens on the building's roof.

The complex of administration buildings forms a city block

Description of the project solution

  • Programming and commissioning of the network controllers for the fan coil units, the cooling units for the reinforced concrete structures and operational system links
  • Communications and data integration of the air conditioning data centers including their cooling and their complete control management
  • Programming and commissioning of automation stations for the control of HVAC, heating and cooling sources
  • Data integration of basic operating modes of the backup power supply subsource
  • Remote monitoring and evaluation of the energy consumption meters through communication networks (electricity meters, heat and cold metering data)
  • Network build up, function and optimization settings to achieve the required properties in terms of scope and volume of transmitted data

BMS section

  • Establishment of the central dispatching center with a graphic design interface SCADA, remote monitoring

Graphic program rendition & visualization

Monitoring screen renditions and visualizations








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