Building management systems

Certificates and licences

Our company is fully certified to conduct and carry out all our business activities. The ISO quality management system is the standard we responsibly observe. We hold certificates ISO 9001, ISO 10006 & ISO 50001 - see ITI TUV certification for details. Our goals are clearly defined and our responsible and professional staff oversees the proper compliance with the management quality standards. Within the scope of ISO standards we also regularly assess and evaluate our potential subcontractors.

Our technical staff has been further certified with the internationally accepted accreditation / certification as "KNX partner".

"KNX partner" certificates:

In the field of "green building design and leadership" we have significantly contributed to the successful certification processes of our customers (green building certification program LEED - Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design).

We integrate the control system's programs of the world's leading producers. Our software department is fully equipped with all the software tools and instruments from these companies for the execution and implementation of system's applications. Together with our software design solutions we always use the latest standards for the operating systems.

It goes without saying that all of our employees have a regular training, both in terms of compliance with the guidlines and safety regulations as well as in the specialized areas where they go through the regular trainings from the international producers, manufacturers and suppliers.

Documments to download:

Business licenses
ISO 10006
CSN EN ISO 50001
Certificate of Incorporation
Extract from the register of economic entities - ARES
VAT registration certificate
KNX certification Vojtěch Bukáček
KNX certification Aleš Hotař
Academy CZGBC certificate Vojtěch Bukáček
Academy CZGBC certificate Aleš Hotař


Control systems producers certificates:

Wago solution provider
Iconics system integrator
Schneider Electric system integrator